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Experts in Site Preparation, Excavating, Grading, Construction,

Demolition, Deconstruction, Salvage, Hauling, and More

As a firmly established and highly respected full-service general engineering contractor for nearly 30 years,

the Dave C. Dunn Company is widely recognized as a leader in commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential estimating & consulting, site preparation, excavating, grading, construction, demolition, deconstruction, salvage, hauling, and all other general engineering contractor services throughout

Alameda County, Contra Costa County, and the Northern California East Bay Area.

Some of the many General Engineering Contractor Services

Provided by the Dave C. Dunn Company:

We're experts in commercial, interior, and residential demolition. Our experienced crews and specialized equipment help keep your costs down.

Our earthwork expertise includes drainage projects for new sites, as well as efficient

repair and replacement

of existing drainage systems.

The Dave C. Dunn Company's track loaders are capable of grading for a crawl space, driveway, patio, swimming pool, or any other excavation project.

The Dave C. Dunn Company provides drilling for piers, grade beam foundations, retaining walls, and fence posts. We also drill for haunch pier underpinning.

We provide independent project estimating and consulting services including residential civil plan analysis, scope of work breakdowns, and plan reviews.






Concrete, Steel I-Beam, & Wood Retaining Walls | General Engineering Contractor | Alameda County CA & Contra Costa County CA

(Crawl Space

Dirt Removal




The Dave C. Dunn Company specializes in pool removal, including either removing the entire shell, or simply breaking it down and filling it in.

We have the right equipment to perform site prep work quickly and efficiently, with minimal site impact. We also offer hand wrecking and soft demolition.

Expert Hauling & Demolition | General Engineering Contractor | Alameda County CA & Contra Costa County CA
Hauling, Junk Removal, and Construction Cleanup | General Engineering Contractor | Alameda County CA & Contra Costa County CA
Junk Removal Professionals, Offering a Smarter Alternative to Franchise Haulers

The Dave C. Dunn Company's sister company, Expert Hauling & Demolition, provides hauling services with unmatched expertise and competitive rates, using appropriately-sized equipment for every job. Our services include junk removal, dirt hauling, swimming pool removal, and a wide range of demolition services. Expert Hauling & Demolition is committed to expertly handling all of your junk removal and demolition needs.

What is a General Engineering Contractor?

As a general engineering contractor, the Dave C. Dunn Company
is responsible for providing all equipment, labor, material, and services
necessary for successful completion of fixed works projects.
Above all else, safety on the job site is always priority #1.

A General Engineering Contractor's Expertise with Fixed Works Projects Includes Specialized Engineering Knowledge and Skill in the Following Areas:
  • airports and airways

  • bridges

  • chemical plants and similar industrial plants

  • dams and hydroelectric projects

  • demolition, including commercial demolition & salvage, interior demolition, and residential demolition

  • dirt removal, including crawl space dirt removal

  • docks and wharves

  • drainage

  • excavating

  • flood control

  • grading

  • harbors

  • hauling

  • highways

  • inland waterways

  • irrigation

  • land leveling and earthmoving projects

  • levees

  • mines and metallurgical plants

  • overpasses

  • parks

  • paving & surfacing work, and cement & concrete work

  • pier drilling for foundation & retaining wall piers, and for underpinning piers

  • pipelines and other systems for the transmission of petroleum & other liquid or gaseous substances

  • playgrounds and other recreational works

  • pool removal

  • power plants and other utility plants & installations

  • powerhouses

  • project management, including estimating & consulting and site management

  • railroads

  • refineries

  • retaining walls, including concrete, steel I-beam, and wood retaining walls

  • river control and reclamation works

  • salvage, including commercial demolition & salvage

  • sewers and sewage disposal plants & systems

  • shipyards and ports

  • site preparation

  • streets and roads

  • trenching

  • tunnels

  • underpasses and other similar works

  • waste reduction plants

  • water power

  • water supply